The types of problems we tackle

Machine learning and data analytics are allowing companies in a broad range of sectors to innovate, build, and grow. Inlet Labs helps you apply these tools in your business. Our advanced knowledge of AI means we can deliver on complex projects and provide solutions specific to the challenges you face. Here are a selection of projects where our skills can help you.



Predictive Maintenance

Decrease down-time and reduce costs by optimizing your maintenance schedule based on historical data.

Quality Control

Automated defect detection using images and machine learning can increase defect detection by up to 90%.

Task Automation

Increase productivity by simplifying common data acquisition, processing, and visualization tasks.

Data Visualization

Visualize your geospatial and time series data intuitively using online maps and dashboards.



Churn Prediction

Know your customer lifetime values, predict when your customers are likely to leave, and develop a data-driven retention strategy.

Recommender Systems

Stay ahead of your customers by understanding which products or services they'll likely want next.

Sales Forecast

Improve your stock management by predicting sales, accounting for factors like product history, seasonality, and holidays.

Market Segmentation

Segment your customers or users, understand their behaviours, preferences, and histories, optimize your strategy for growth.

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