We are a Data Science and
Machine Learning Consulting Firm

Our aim is to help you better understand your data and to provide actionable insights. Whether its optimizing processes or knowing your customers better, Inlet Labs can assist with your most challenging business problems. From traditional data science approaches to the latest in deep learning algorithms, we help you leverage your data to maximize its value.

Data is Everywhere
User records to environmental sensors, satellite images to social media, in databases and in Excel spreadsheets, data is now easier to collect and more readily available than ever before. Forecasts predict that the volume of data that is generated and stored will rapidly increase in the coming years. Effectively handling this data provides a challenge to many organizations, but doing so can open numerous opportunities for efficiencies and growth.

A Practical Approach to Advanced Analytics
Organizations are turning to data science and machine learning to add value to their products, optimize processes, and make smarter decisions. We can help you in that process. Whether you're looking for answers in a specific dataset, a first project demonstrating how data analytics can add value, or a solution to a specific problem, we work closely with you to understand and solve your business challenges. We can provide solutions suited to your budget and tailored to your specific needs, delivering value for your business.

Bringing the Power of AI to Every Business
AI is estimated to create $13 Trillion in global GDP growth between now and 2030. Although we've seen AI deliver for internet companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook, most of the unrealized benefits lay outside of their realm. At Inlet Labs, we're committed to working with businesses of all sizes and across all sectors to realize the benefits of AI.

Active in the Community
We think that AI can make the world a better place. That's why we contribute to building a strong data science community that fosters innovation, provides on-going education, and trains new data scientists. You'll find us active in the community participating in local meetups, mentoring with Women who Code, and contributing our skills to organizations like Data for Good.

Who we are

Conrad Koziol, Founder and Chief Scientist

Conrad Koziol, PhD
Founder, Principal Data Scientist

Conrad holds a doctorate from the University of Cambridge, where he developed numerical models used to inform predictions of sea level rise. Conrad is an expert in numerical modelling, machine learning, and data analysis. He is familiar with processing diverse data sets, including user records, time series, and satellite imagery. Conrad previously worked in mineral exploration leading data acquisition and processing projects across British Columbia.

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